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Top & Best 7 Different Types Of Foundation In Makeup

Types Of Foundation In Makeup

In the makeup industry, we are able to find different types of foundation in makeup but it is difficult to find which one is perfect for you. Even many people do not know its types. Everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to do makeup by their own. They don’t want to spend money on beauty parlors so they want to do makeup on their own.

Now the difficulty is products, or best the products for makeup. So in this blog, I am going to tell you about the most important product of makeup, which is the foundation. When we [especially ladies or makeup lovers] listen to the word foundation, we start relating this word with makeup. But many of us do not know about the types of foundations in makeup.

Which is most important for our skin, just because everyone has different types of skin, some have sensitive or some have acne-prone skin, etc. So we have to take care of it, we have to use the correct products for our skin.

Just like that, we should know about the types of foundation in makeup and which foundation is perfect for the skin. In total, there are 7 types of foundations in makeup.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 1: Liquid Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup : Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation is one the types of foundation in makeup. In makeup liquid foundation is very popular or we can say that each and everyone use liquid foundation. In liquid foundation, there is a huge variety. It gives you medium to high coverage but it is buildable in nature for your convenience and as per the occasion.

The best skin type for the liquid foundation is dry skin type keeping the skin formulated to give high coverage. One of the most ideal skin types for liquid foundations is an Oily skin type to keep the skin moisturized for longer hours.

Liquid foundation has always been a best seller in the market for its convenient usage as it glides through the skin easily. This pore-minimizing and mattifying liquid formula are one of the best foundations for daily use. It also gives the skin a flawless finish that lasts all day.

There are lots of benefits of liquid foundations Liquid foundations can fill in lines, wrinkles, and pores, making them less noticeable so the skin appears smoother. They also can provide excellent coverage for post-breakout marks, brown spots, and melasma.

Now the question arises that how should we apply the liquid foundation so we can use brushes tapered foundation brushes are usually flat, less full in form, with a gentle taper. These brushes are best for liquid foundation and other liquid products or you can use a beauty blender but make sure you are using a wet beauty blender.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 2: Powder Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup: Powder Foundation

A powder foundation helps mattify your face and has light to medium coverage. These foundations are finely milled to get the soft texture that gives your skin an airbrushed look. Powder foundations can be layered on top of liquid or cream foundations and help set the makeup. It is a finely milled, pigmented powder that adds coverage to your skin with a lightweight finish. 

Yet regardless of your skin type or makeup needs, there are many benefits to powders: setting the foundation, controlling shine, preventing clogged pores, and providing a matte finish. And for busy schedules, it doesn’t get easier than a quick application of powder foundation in the morning.  

Powder foundations are especially beneficial for oily, acne-prone, or sweat-prone skin types, thanks to their ability to suck up excess moisture while simultaneously offering complexion-evening coverage.

Powder makeup formulas can sometimes accentuate dryness and lines. You can use dome brushes a full, dense brush will deposit more, while a medium-density brush can create a more natural look and lean toward medium coverage. This rounded shape works well for finishing powder and foundation and works great with powder blush too.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 3: Cream Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup: Cream Foundation

Cream foundation is a type of makeup base that uses a thick, cream formulation to provide good coverage and an even finish. The best way to apply a cream foundation is by using a brush. Start the application from the center of the face, blending it towards the cheekbones, and then on the forehead. The strokes can be in either a stippling motion or a circular motion.
For cream foundation, a synthetic duo fiber brush works the best. Though any skin type can use cream makeup, people with dry skin tend to benefit greatly from opting for cream formulas because of the aforementioned hydrating benefits.

Dry patches on the face get covered instead of being accentuated. Cream makeup is more pigmented than powder. A cream foundation offers much more hydration. If you wish to avoid highlighting dry patches or letting your foundation sink into your maturity.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 4: Stick Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup : Stick Foundation

You can’t really have a perfect, flawless base until you have blended the foundation well. Foundation sticks blend easily. After swiping the foundation on your face, you can use a damp beauty sponge or fingertips to blend it well.

It gives a natural finish. Foundation sticks typically offer medium to full coverage, so you get to choose how much coverage you want on any given day. Simply add more and blend to build on your entire face or on areas that are giving you trouble (like a red chin or dark under-eye circles). They are perfect for those looking for lighter coverage, easy application, and buildability.

A stick foundation is easy to use, portable, and effective. It can be applied directly to the skin without blending it with other face makeup products. The dry consistency of the product makes it great for normal and oily skin. However, it is not apt for dry skin as you can get a cakey look if you use it.

Stick foundations typically have a thicker consistency, so flat, densely packed soft bristle makeup brushes are perfect for blending them. Miles suggests using a brush with dense, but soft hair. Another important tip to remember while doing your winter base makeup is to use cream-based or stick products instead of powder products.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 5: Whipped Mousse Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup : Whipped Mousse Foundation

A mousse foundation glides smoothly and effortlessly on application and blends seamlessly with your skin while leaving a matte finish. It conceals blemishes, fine lines, and aging signs and does not look cakey. You can easily carry it along with you when out and about as it is easy to apply.

This type of foundation is also known as the whipped foundation; it’s a hybrid of a liquid and cream formula. It is slightly thicker in consistency than liquid foundation but is airy and super lightweight. It usually comes in a pot or tube and is perfect for anyone looking for full coverage, minus the cakey look. Although a mousse foundation works wonders on all skin types, it’s most suitable for those with oily skin.

It makes their skin feel weightless and non-greasy because of its air-like texture and also prevents clogging of pores caused due to excess oil in their skin. Sponges work best, for instance, with lightweight liquid formulas or stick foundations. 

Creamy, thick foundations would be better served with a brush (so you can buff out the edges for a more natural finish). The foam raises the home back to its original elevation. This polyfoam is a powerful product that works by compressing the soil underneath a home and then allows for the lifting of the structure. The foam expands as it is injected (picture what happens with shaving cream when it comes out of a can).

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 6: Tinted Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup: Tinted Foundation

Tinted foundations are designed to give you a bit more coverage than a traditional tinted moisturizer. These foundations provide some color to even out your skin tone and can be used alone or with a concealer for more coverage. Tinted foundations are available in a variety of shades and formulas to suit your skin type and preferences.  A skin tint is a light coverage foundation that feels extremely light on the skin and gives an even skin tone.

Types Of Foundation In Makeup 7: Serum Foundation

Types Of Foundation In Makeup: Serum Foundation

Serum foundations are highly pigmented facial serums offering coverage like a base makeup product. They’re packed with a cocktail of skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Squalene, Aloe Vera, and other good-for-you skincare ingredients that you typically look for in a face serum.

On the other hand, the niacinamide in the serum foundation not only soothes inflammations and acne, but it also defends your face from pollution and UV rays. It is also known to naturally even your skin tone and make it brighter since it can reduce blemishes. Put a quarter- or dime-size amount of the serum on the back of your hand, then dip the sponge in it and layer it on your face, stippling it all over the skin right after your moisturizer sets in to help the product melt into your skin.

It is a type of liquid foundation that is designed to provide natural-looking, medium-to-full coverage with a lightweight, skin-like feel. It is typically formulated with a combination of emollients, pigments, and silicone-based ingredients, which help to provide a sheer, dewy finish. Serum foundations are often packed with skin-nourishing ingredients, like antioxidants and vitamins, which help to improve the skin’s overall health and appearance over time.


The 7 types of foundation in makeup are 1. Liquid, 2. Powder, 3. Cream, 4. Stick, 5. Whipped Mousse, 6. Tint, and 7. Serum. Now, I hope that there is no confusion about the types of foundation in makeup. I think I have provided the best information on all types of foundations. You have to take care that are you using the correct type of foundation for your skin or not.

If you use the correct type of foundation only then your skin will glow and even give the smooth or best base for makeup. The selection of the proper foundation for yourself is very important. The right shade is also a must to select for makeup. So you have to take care of all these things.

If you want more information on the types of foundation in makeup or if you want any other information on any topic which is relatable to makeup so you can mail it to or you can comment on our article we will reply soon.

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